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If your dog is a tough and determined chewer, he’s likely to destroy any new toy that you buy for him within minutes. Sure, it’s fun watching the excitement on his face as he plays with his new toy, but when he starts shredding it into pieces before your very own eyes, I’m sure you won’t’ like it. It makes you wonder whether it was worth buying in the first place. Therefore if you want to get good value for your money, you need to learn how to make your dog’s toys last longer. Here are some simple ways to help you out:

Be Realistic When Choosing Dog Toys

Some dog toys are very cheap. You can buy them for $2 or less, but they don’t last long. Therefore, it’s pointless to buy them for your dog when you know they’ll get destroyed within minutes. You might as well just play hide and seek with your pet indoors.

Making your dog’s toys last longer starts with making the right choices during purchase. Avoid buying plush and stuffed toys if your dog is a chewer because they won’t last. Some dogs even destroy plastic toys just as easily. It’s therefore much better to go for brands that are known to be tough and durable; the ones that are hard to destroy easily.

Limit Your Dog’s Access To His Toys

Giving your dog access to all his toys at all times significantly increases their chances of being destroyed. It also makes them loose appeal in your dog’s eyes faster. This is why many dogs become bored within minutes even with new toys. So, try giving yours a few toys at a time and rotate them regularly. This will help keep him interested in playing as he’ll think they’re new. In addition, rotation gives toys a break from the constant playing, which makes them last longer.

Engage In Regular Interactive Play With Your Dog

Another way to make your toys last longer is by engaging in interactive play with your dog often. As you may already know, playing gives your dog the much needed physical and mental exercise. After playing, your dog will be tired, but happy and will most likely take a nap to relax. He won’t have the energy to destroy his toys or engage in bad behaviors like excessive barking or chewing.

So, find some games you and your dog enjoy and play them often. This will also go along way in strengthening the bond you two share. You can play hide and seek or any other that you prefer; the choice is yours.

Overall, buying new dog toys often (because your dog destroys them instantly) can be expensive in the long run. So, try buying a couple of different types and rotate them at least once a week to keep your dog’s interest. Make sure that they’re of high quality and durable.

Also, don’t leave him alone with a toy that you know he’ll destroy easily. Limiting access, playing with him more often and choosing the right toys for him will go along way in making his toys last longer.